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26th June 2017 
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Nutritional Therapy Westbourne, Bournemouth

WELCOME to my website. I wish you a very Healthy & Happy 2017 !
If you are looking for professional, practical nutrition advice in Bournemouth and Poole then you have come to the right place. Healthy Eating and 'eating your way to health' has been my long-term passion in addition to working in the field of education. I have many, many years experience assisting others achieve their health goals.

I divide my working week between 3 areas:
3 or 4 days a week you can find me working in The Discount Healthstore In Westbourne. Pop in for a quick chat.
One day a week, most usually Fridays, I am available for private 1:1 nutrition consultations which take place in the clinic rooms at The Discount Health Store 37, Seamoor Road, Westbourne,BH4 9AE; equidistant from the centres of Bournemouth and Poole.
Some of my remaining time is spent teaching with The Diocese of Portsmouth Called & Gifted Team because understanding our unique purpose in life is also a key factor in health.

Bournemouth Nutritionist with experience in Sheffield and London

In November 2013 I re-located to the beautiful Westbourne area of Bournemouth from a successful nutritional therapy practice in Sheffield. I had previously been a tutor for first year students studying Nutrition in London. I now enjoy working in the heart of a community, in the lovely environment of Westbourne's much loved Health Food Shop. Here I have the pleasure of helping, serving and learning from many loyal customers in their endeavours to keep healthy and balanced.
When I am not working on the shop floor I divide my time seeing clients in the clinic room, offering personalised 1:1 nutrition consultations, and offering my time teaching workshops as 'nutritionist in the community'.
Over the last 2 years I have been actively involved in a Teaching role within the Diocese of Portsmouth helping others to discover their purpose & explore their unique giftedness. I have often been told that "I see the whole person" .....I believe that having a deeper understanding of ourselves & those around us and a sense of what brings joy (as opposed to stress!) is as important to health as good nutrition.

For new clients, choosing a 'one to one nutrition consultation' is a great way of helping yourself to discover how to get your health on the right track. Here are a few things to consider before booking a consultation:

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Key Questions to Ask

Is the Nutritional Therapist both experienced and well qualified?

Yes. For full details of my background, qualifications and ethos go to the Practititioner page

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Do former clients recommend seeing a Clincal Nutritionist and what has Nutritional Therapy done for them?

I am fortunate to have a selection of client testimonials which provide an insight into many of the benefits of nutritional therapy - take a look at the Testimonials page

What can you expect from a consultation with a CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist and what are the fees?

Go straight to the Consultations page for full details.

Which health symptoms have clients commonly presented with when seeking nutritional therapy and what tests are available to them?

My specialist area is digestive health with many IBS clients requesting consultations.

Low energy and loss of vitality is another common health problem and I have seen an increase in both male & female clients with Chronic Fatigue symptoms.

Female health is a particular area of interest with clients at various life stages presenting with hormone related issues. More recently I have worked successfully with a client with fertility issues and this is an area I would like to work with more.

Weight management is a common reason for seeking a nutritional therapist and I like to approach this as part of a broader focus, ensuring blood sugar management is understood and achieved.

Pain, inflammation and immune support are often part of a client's case history, manifesting in a variety of health symptoms.

Some clients seek nutritional therapy to help them with mental health related issues alongside support from their GP.

Many find 'popular,generic healthy eating advice' confusing and want to understand what they can do specifically to improve their own sense of wellbeing. They find advice tailored to their individual needs and situation more inspiring.

For a list of common health symptoms and information about testing see Health Complaints and Testing page .

Free Nutrition Tips!

Take a look at the blog page

The Old Adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" bears some wisdom & truth according to Oxford researchers in the BMJ, who compare giving statins or an apple a day to the over 50's! See BBC Health News

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