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20th July 2018 

Anne-Marie promotes 'cooking from scratch'

Anne-Marie appeared on ITV Calendar News supporting the 'Eat Well Fixer' Nathan Ward and ex-corrie actor-turned-chef Sean Wilson. To see clip just Click Fixers Charity and search 'Eat Well Fix' Anne-Marie appears at 1 minute 10 seconds into the video.

Healthy Snacking Ideas

Click Healthy Snacking Ideas to watch a You-Tube clip of Anne-Marie talking to Journalist Ingrid Leithe about simple ways to keep blood sugar levels under control.

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Mary's Meals = Our favourite Charity!

Anne-Marie and her husband David are supporters of the simple charity 'Mary's Meals'. This beautiful charity aims to reduce world poverty by providing one meal a day for every child attending school in the poorest countries of the world. It costs 12.20 to feed one child for one whole year! Education + Nutrition = A brighter future. To find out more watch Mary's Meals 4 minute cartoon or go direct to Mary's Meals website

Breakfast Like a King... or at least a Team Sky Cyclist

Be inspired with Team Sky Cycling breakfast idea You-tube clip. My husband loves this as a breakfast option a couple of times a week. It is comforting, easy on the digestion, rich in non-meat protein, fibre and micronutrients to help balance blood sugar throughout the morning.

Ingredients list: Oats/Quinoa flakes cooked in Rice Milk ....Sliced banana & honey stewed in splash of water....Ground seeds (flax/chia/pumpkin..) / dollop of live yoghurt (we prefer Sheep Yoghurt).

Note/ The price of Quinoa flakes has risen dramatically recently due to an increasing trend & demand for this high protein grain in Europe (impacting on South American farmers staple food source). An alternative grain to substitute would be Buckwheat flakes (rich in the important mineral magnesium).