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20th July 2018 


Seeing Anne-Marie really helped me. Within one month my headaches that occured daily disappeared as did my IBS. I found Anne-Marie extremely easy to talk to and she showed a genuine interest in my health. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone!
Miss Johnson, age 28

Weak Immune System
Anne-Marie is a Nutrition Genius, her vast knowledge of what seems like every health matter out there is unbelievably reassuring. Anne-Marie helped me over several years with an array of health symptoms, the main one being my then weak immune system. Through slight to great changes of my eating habits, aswell as supplements, Anne-Marie saved me ( not to sound too dramatic, although it is true ). I recommend Anne-Marie to everyone, she takes all cases seriously and her advice is ongoing. Forever thankyou Anne-Marie Fletcher.
Mrs G

S.A.D./Nasal Congestion/Bloating
Thanks again Anne Marie.Your advice has helped me so much after years of searching for a professional who can give me clear,straightforward advice with a regime that is relatively easy to follow.
Mrs B,age 59

I have suffered with the symptoms of IBS and the resulting social anxiety for many years. I went to see Anne Marie and was so impressed by her wealth of knowledge and professionalism. Within minutes of meeting her I felt as if a burden was being lifted from me. My nutritional problems were complex but thanks to Anne Marie they have gradually been overcome. I not only feel so much better but have gained a new sense of freedom and confidence.

Anne Marie was always so empathic and encouraging and a consultation with her was always so uplifting and informative.I cannot thank her enough for untangling my web of nutritional problems. My only regret is that I did not seek help earlier as I could have avoided years of suffering.
Mrs C,age 58,

Menopausal Symptoms/Skin Problems /Low energy/Weight Problems
I went to see Anne-Marie when struggling with the symptoms of the menopause and she gave me excellent advise and a nutritional programme which was easy to follow & affordable. After 3 months I felt so much better & have never looked back.
Mrs C, Sheffield 8 (age 52)

IBS/ Anxiety/Chronic Sinusitis
I suffered from IBS symptoms since my early twenties. This had a very detrimental effect on my working and social life and affected my confidence so badly that I developed social anxiety. I found it impossible to put on weight and was painfully hungry all day long no matter how much food I ate. My body had also become intolerant to milk and gluten, which made eating food extremely dull and a practical nightmare. I was also unable to tolerate any fruit, fibre and very little veg without chronic side effects. All these symptoms were making my life a total misery.

After 8 years of receiving very little practical help from the NHS and reaching the point of desperation, I made an appointment to see Anne-Marie. She was the first person who actually listened to me and who took me seriously. I felt very early on in the initial consultation that she really understood how my body was being affected, and she genuinely wanted to help me find the underlying cause. She gave me lots of advice and some food supplements including supplements to increase my stomach acid. After a few months my food intolerances had disappeared and over time I became able to tolerate more and more foods.

One year later I can eat what I want, I have put on a stone in weight and people keep commenting on how healthy I look. Anne-Marie’s advice was undoubtedly the turning point in improving my health, and it has improved every month since.The multitude of symptoms had become very complex and without her help I honestly don’t know where I would be now. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think to myself how relieved I am that I made that first appointment.

Nutrition is much more than a job to Anne-Marie. She is extremely passionate about it, and is absolutely dedicated to helping her clients.
Anon male (age 29)

Low Energy/ Sleep Problems/ Weight Management
Nutritional Therapy benefitted me by identifying which foods suited me and which did not; by providing a supplement programme to help with stress, sleep and energy; by providing someone to talk to who would listen, understood and cared about my problems, and who genuinely helped me feel better about myself.
S.L (age 55)

Weight Management/Stress-Anxiety/Achey Joints
Thank you so much - I wish I could have bottled you & take the lid off when I need a boost as you were fascinating!!
K.T. (age 42)

Low energy/ General Health Improvement
I came to see Anne-Marie as I’ve always been what you would probably call a “weird” eater – I ate hardly any fruit or vegetables in anything bigger than pureed form as I don’t like the texture. I was aware that, despite the fact that I do a lot of exercise, my diet was very poor – lots of junk food, ready meals, takeaways, fizzy drinks etc and I rarely cooked anything – and, as I am heading towards my late 30s, I wanted to do something about it before it was too late. Although this was something Anne-Marie had rarely come across before, she took me very seriously from the start and if I felt unable to implement a particular suggestion, she always had another, more suitable one, to hand immediately. She recommended a particular cookbook to me in the hope that, with the help of a food processor, I would be able to surreptitiously incorporate some new, far healthier, elements into my diet.
Over the course of the last 6 months I have gone from having a nutritionally very poor diet to being quite a dab hand in the kitchen (if I do say so myself!) I am including things such as celery, carrots, shallots, peppers and fresh herbs into my dishes which are normal for most people but which I would never have thought possible for myself. I also make my own fruit smoothies, which again is not something I would have ever considered. I now cook an increasingly wide range of dishes from a number of books Anne-Marie recommended to me and I also feel a lot more able to make informed decisions about my diet.
I cannot thank Anne-Marie enough for giving me both the knowledge and the confidence both to change my diet vastly for the better yet in a manner which I am able to find palatable, and to greatly improve my skills in the kitchen. She is extremely knowledgeable and, despite my somewhat child-like attitude with regard to fruit and vegetables, she was never condescending and only offered enthusiastic support and encouragement at every turn. She genuinely seemed as thrilled by my progress as I was which only spurred me on even further.
I would thoroughly recommend Anne-Marie to anyone wishing to visit a nutritional therapist for any reason and I am immensely grateful for her help and advice. Mark (age 36)

Improve Quality of Life & sleep
Nutritional Therapy has been an instructive,interesting, 'eye opening', therapeutic journey for me. Anne-Marie is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and makes one feel totally at ease. One is viewed holistically - problems and concerns are solved, like pieces of a jigsaw slotting together...Fantastic!
Tricia (age 66)

Cancer survivor
I first went to see Anne Marie in 2007 after having treatment for breast cancer – surgery plus 5 weeks of daily radiotherapy... By the autumn I was suffering from severe fatigue not helped by the powerful drug I was taking.. I saw a poster at the then Esporta club about her and decided to give it a go.
What I experienced was an holistic approach....which looked at all aspects of my life, .... Her approach was sympathetic and gave me the confidence to take control of some aspects of my life again after all the months of treatment.. She was encouraging about what I already did, and the supplements she suggested proved to be really helpful over a period of some long weeks. This is NOT a quick fix but a plan for LIVING. I was not in any way pushed into spending unnecessary money on supplements...Over the following 4 years I had some follow up appointments, which helped me adjust the supplements I was taking..
Most recently I returned for another visit as I had finished taking the NHS drug after 5 long years, with some difficult side effects as a result. I was also suffering from extreme tiredness following a hip replacement operation. I now have a completely new plan from Anne Marie .

Overall, I feel I have benefited from the skills of a real professional who has a kind , knowledgeable and empathic approach to how people are feeling, and offers practical help as well as emotional support.
Mrs M

Stomach pains
For the past 8 years I have suffered from terrible stomach pains. I had become very worried about eating and what would upset my stomach, as I was often sick after meals and consequently my energy levels were very low. The list of what I couldn’t eat seemed to get longer and longer. I didn’t enjoy eating out with family and friends anymore, which was something I had always enjoyed. I felt there must be some way of getting better but just didn’t know what to do anymore.
I decided after many visits to the doctor, tests and time spent in hospital, that I would try a more alternative therapy. This is when I came across Anne-Marie’s website.
I had always thought the tablets I was given from the doctor’s were just masking my problems and many of them did not seem to help anyway.
After a long chat with Anne-Marie I felt so relieved and positive again, she decided upon some tablets that would help calm my stomach and improve my digestion. I cannot tell you how helpful these tablets were to me. In less than a month I stopped being sick and was able to eat meals again and even started enjoying meals out.
Gradually my energy has improved and I have taken on board Anne-Marie’s suggestions for meals and snacks.
She is so patient and willing to listen to you and ready to offer advice straight away. This is so valuable, as it is something that’s so hard to find these days.
I am forever grateful to Anne-Marie.

Body Confidence/ Relationship with food
I went to see Anne-Marie as I was having a difficult relationship with food!
I wanted a healthy way of dealing with eating. A happier way of facing food and some advice on how to be the nicest I could to my body via nutrition. I got this from Anne-Marie, and more. She advised me on healthy but tasty options, explained how certain fats are important for our bodies, how important it is on mood to keep blood sugars stable throughout the day, information on the essential minerals and vitamins we need and much, much more. So much so I wish I had been able to record the consultation! She worked with me to create a weekly menu plan that was healthy but fulfilling, most importantly it was attainable and realistic for a busy week. Anne-Marie was very friendly and understanding, I arrived very nervous and a little apprehensive but these feelings soon melted away when I realised how much Anne-Marie wanted to help and how productive the session was going to be.
As a result of seeing Anne-Marie I am excited about food and preparing food for the first time in a long time. The guilt feelings are disappearing because I can tell myself that everything I am feeding my body has a healthy purpose. My boyfriend has said I am much happier and even have a glow about me! He is also happy to go along with the wholefood-principles of Anne-Marie’s advice, which means a lot to me as we can still eat together. Eating is no longer associated with weight loss or gain anymore it’s a whole new and exciting world of wholefood recipes, new tastes, different combinations, a beautifully colourful plate, variety and most importantly for me a healthier outlook both physically and mentally.
I was so inspired by the experience that I am considering a change in career to involve something to do with nutrition. I’d like to help people like myself as Anne-Marie does and help them to see how great the right foods are for our body.
Thanks Anne Marie.
Anon female