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20th July 2018 
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Nutritional Therapy Westbourne, Bournemouth

WELCOME to my website.
May I refer all new clients seeking nutrition advice to the British Association of Nutritional Therapists website to find a qualified practitioner closest to your area.
I am currently taking a sabbatical year from one to one nutrition consultations in order to better balance my time between working in The Discount Health Store in Westbourne [ Pop in for a quick chat] and teaching with The Diocese of Portsmouth Called & Gifted Team . Whilst I love nutrition & understand it's important role in maintaining good health, my passion at this point in my life is in helping others to understand their unique purpose & giftedness. Without discovering what 'lights us up' many people tend to reach 'burn out' and the impact this has on their mental & spiritual health is considerable. So, I am going to indulge time in my voluntary work with The Called & Gifted programme for the next year.

I have been finding that more of my time is spent talking to clients about the impact of stress on digestion, the immune system, mental health and weight management rather than the impact of nutrition. Sometimes it seems that as a nation of people we are suffering collectively from 'post-traumatic stress syndrome' ! The levels of stress presented by people today is of such concern that I feel more of my time is needed helping people to understand how they are feeding themselves spiritually. We have become so used to living off adrenaline & feeling stressed that we have lost the sense of peace within us & around us
The best understanding of this is represented in the You-Tube podcast by Bishop Robert Barron 'Spiritual Food' where he compares what gives nourishment to the soul with what is effectively 'soul junk food' ..... worth watching!

Bournemouth Nutritionist with experience in Sheffield and London

Some background
In November 2013 I re-located to the beautiful Westbourne area of Bournemouth from a successful nutritional therapy practice in Sheffield. I had previously been a tutor for first year students studying Nutrition in London. I now enjoy working in the heart of a community, in the lovely environment of Westbourne's much loved Health Food Shop. Here I have the pleasure of helping, serving and learning from many loyal customers in their endeavours to keep healthy and balanced.

Over the last 3 years I have been actively involved in a Teaching role within the Diocese of Portsmouth helping others to discover their purpose & explore their unique giftedness. I have often been told that "I see the whole person" .....I believe that having a deeper understanding of ourselves & those around us and a sense of what brings joy (as opposed to stress!) is as important to health as good nutrition.